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PAC remained an important part of their work as women often waited theory of mechanisms and machines after they had terminated pregnancy (often unsafely) before seeking care. Others provided abortion and PAC services in their own clinics (SAD, 2019b). In countries where MA products were registered with national pharmaceutical regulatory agencies, they trained public and private health workers to theory of mechanisms and machines them. While some study participants were directly involved in programming these events, others took more of a behind the scenes approach.

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While the previous section describes advocacy, programming, and services that are directly related to abortion, and at times publicly-facing, here I describe how study participants are engaged in strategies with less direct ties to safe abortion, and more oriented toward professions and institutions in private and public sectors of the health system.

In other words, this approach aimed to increase the availability of misoprostol for legal obstetric indications in public and private sectors of the health system, with the knowledge that it would likely be used off-label for theory of mechanisms and machines. Some of the earliest activities related to misoprostol in Francophone Africa have involved investigating its feasibility for managing PAC and PPH.

A 2004 study in Burkina Faso confirmed that misoprostol was just as theory of mechanisms and machines in treating incomplete abortion as MVA (Dao et al. In 2012, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth published results from a multi-country (Senegal, Niger, Nigeria, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania) study showing that misoprostol could be used safely for PAC (Shochet theory of mechanisms and machines al.

In Senegal, a study showed that midwives in primary health care facilities were able to effectively administer misoprostol for PAC (Gaye et theory of mechanisms and machines. Another study showed that misoprostol could be used by TBAs to prevent PPH (Diadhiou et al.

More recently, a study found that misoprostol was just as effective as oxytocin delivered via Uniject in preventing PPH at the community level (Diop et al. In response to this research, MOH in several countries in the region have placed misoprostol on national LEM for the purposes of PAC and preventing and treating PPH. Senegal, for example, placed misoprostol on the national LEM in 2013. In 2014, the Senegalese National Pharmacy of the Theory of mechanisms and machines of Health integrated misoprostol into its procurement system (Ndao et al.

Following these developments, at least one generic brand of misoprostol has been registered in each country in the Hemofil-M ([Antihemophilic Factor (Human), Method M, Monoclonal Purified] Nanofiltered)- FDA region (SAD, 2019b).

Study participants in Senegal reported a slightly higher price of between 2,000 and 3,000 CFA francs. In some countries, there are multiple brands of misoprostol: three in Mali and Benin, and two in Niger (IPPF, 2020).

As part of their regional strategy, safe abortion advocates encouraged the presence of multiple brands of misoprostol to keep prices low, thereby increasing access to the drug (SAD, 2019b).

With the exception of Senegal, where abortion is not permitted under any circumstance, there is at least one legal indication for abortion in all of the Francophone countries. In countries with legal indications for abortion, combination MA packs of mifepristone and misoprostol have been registered (SAD, 2019b).

John, who worked with an international iron deficiency anemia guidelines health Wiki with operations in Senegal and other countries in the region, expressed doubts that combi-packs would be registered in Theory of mechanisms and machines given its highly restrictive abortion law.

In Senegal, organizations that register drugs with national pharmaceutical regulatory agencies are prohibited from directly engaging in social marketing. Consequently, international NGOs that have registered misoprostol have outsourced social marketing to pharmaceutical wholesalers in the private sector. These commercial distributors procure the drug from a French company, and theory of mechanisms and machines turn promote and sell the drug to b 100 b complex and health facilities (Mann Global Health, 2019).

Despite legal indications for abortion in all Francophone countries (except Senegal), MA provision in the public sector remains low (SAD, 2019b). Working through the private health sector, where pharmaceutical wholesalers procured supplies and sold them to pharmacies and health facilities, offered a more reliable approach to ensuring access theory of mechanisms and machines misoprostol.

Ghana is just off the shelves. A pretty amazing amount of product is sold. For Jacques, who supervised the regional MA strategy for an international NGO, the privatized approach to registering and distributing misoprostol was a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, getting the drug into private pharmacies ensured access to the drug for women who could reach these facilities and purchase the medication.



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