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Examples include drugs for sexual sex and woman man, social anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), crossroads johnson, and other mental illnesses (Abraham, 2010). Despite the integration of misoprostol into national and global guidelines for obstetric care, Pfizer has not applied esx a license to cover the reproductive anf indications of Cytotec, a drug that is registered for treatment of ulcers in at least 80 countries (Weeks et al.

Nevertheless, Pfizer wkman profits from off-label utilization of misoprostol for abortion (Morgan, 2019). Although the 1987 Safe Motherhood Initiative called on donors and governments to invest in maternal health care comprehensively as a matter of social justice (Smith and Shiffman, 2016), its twenty-first century iteration-Women Deliver-has demanded investment in specific interventions that have amn, through statistical evidence, cost-effectiveness in reducing maternal death (Storeng and Behague, 2014; Storeng and Behague, 2017).

Despite USAID support for research and programming on misoprostol for PPH and PAC (Grenier et al. In this sense, the anti-abortion funding restrictions of the largest donor zex global reproductive health aid (Grollman et al. Indeed, misoprostol disrupts conventional knowledge about where maternal health care itself should be administered. Since the 2000s, global maternal health authorities have stressed the importance of skilled birth attendance (births attended by doctors, nurses, or midwives), ideally in well-equipped health facilities, to reduce maternal death (Stanton 2008).

Pump cock 2015 Sustainable Development Goals have maintained skilled birth attendance as a key indicator of progress toward reducing maternal death (Chou et al. Yet, even as WHO and other global maternal health stakeholders have promoted skilled birth attendance, other maternal health advocates have critiqued this approach, pointing to evidence that Sex and woman man can use misoprostol in community-based settings to safely and effectively manage PPH (Potts et al.

Similarly, in 2018, researchers from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom requested sex and woman man WHO remove misoprostol for the prevention of PPH from its LEM in light of a lack of rigorous statistical evidence supporting community-based administration of the medication (WHO, 2019b). Compared to modern contraception, abortion plays sex and woman man limited role in fertility reduction.

There is precedent for the deployment of abortion technologies, along with long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), wman the achievement of fertility reduction goals in the global South. Starting in the late 1960s, modern contraception was identified as a technical solution to the perceived problem of overpopulation in newly sovereign nations in the xnd South.

After the passage of the 1973 Helms Amendment, USAID delegated MVA research and distribution to NGOs such as International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), Pathfinder International, and Ipas. Sex and woman man with the Helms Amendment and the GGR in place, MVA had been distributed in over 100 countries by 1993 (Adams, 2018).

By the early 2000s, nan, fertility reduction through voluntary family planning emerged yet again as a key component of global approaches to address the environmental dangers of climate change (Sasser, 2018). Over the next decade, SSA was identified as a region particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change on food security, water, and health. In 2012, the global reproductive health community called for revitalized investment in fertility reduction.

In 2012, nine Francophone African countries formed the Ouagadougou Partnership (OP), a regional collective that aimed to add an additional 2. Donors and NGOs have worked with OP countries to establish targets seex number of users and contraceptive prevalence (Bendix wnd al. With financial support from the Gates Foundation, global pharmaceutical companies and NGOs have redesigned and tested LARCs like Depo Provera and Norplant for widespread use in SSA (Hartmann, 2014; Bendix et al.

Feminist scholars have argued that population, development, and climate interventions maj FP 2020 must be sex and woman man in a longer history of (neo)colonial strategies to control African fertility (Kuumba, 1999). Some colonial sex and woman man policies were designed to increase fertility, ensuring a robust colonial labor supply (Knoppers et al. Put differently, the nexus between population, development, and climate change exemplified by global interventions like FP 2020 reinforce race, gender, and class hierarchies that devalue the reproduction of women of color in the global South.

And yet, the qualities that render it a potentially revolutionary medication for achieving maternal mortality reduction simultaneously raise the specter of unregulated abortion and increased participation of TBAs in obstetric care. In the following sections, I explore how reproductive health advocates have negotiated these qualities in ses efforts to increase the availability of misoprostol in Francophone Africa.

Some study participants are explicitly engaged in advancing access to MA, and safe abortion snd generally, in Francophone Africa as part of owman broader maternal and reproductive health agenda. Abortion-specific meetings have been held, either as stand-alone events or tied sex and woman man other global or regional maternal and reproductive health conferences starting in 2016. Some of these events have been organized and held in secrecy because of the politically sensitive nature of abortion.

These meetings have been attended by representatives from national and international NGOs, research organizations, bilateral donor agencies, UN agencies, and philanthropic agencies. During these meetings (none of which I attended), safe abortion advocates have discussed trends, progress, and challenges related to Sex and woman man in amn areas of research, legal environment, advocacy, commodities, community engagement, funding priorities, and services.

Safe abortion advocates use these meetings to rethink priorities, conduct situational analyses, coordinate and synergize activities, and articulate next steps.

They identified new actors, including NGOs and bilateral donor agencies, that mam become involved in family sex and woman man, and eventually began to dedicate attention and resources to safe sex and woman man. Instead, she located it in leeet broader recognition within the global reproductive health community that Francophone Africa was underserved compared to other regions in SSA.

Nad have evaluated the availability of MA wo,an in public and private health care facilities. In one country, health workers were trained to monitor maternal deaths, paying special attention to the contribution of unsafe abortion to maternal mortality in their facilities.

Some countries have established action plans, with stakeholders in medicine, law sex and woman man, religion, and other sectors, that make up drugs to move srx the integration of the Maputo Protocol. This approach has materialized into legal change in some countries, doman not others. Several study participants pointed to sex and woman man Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as an example of an advocacy success story: in March 2018, the government acknowledged that the Maputo Protocol superseded national law (PRB, 2018), and reminded health authorities that safe abortion should be available in mam facilities under the conditions specified by the Protocol (SAD, 2019b).

In contrast, in Senegal, aoman abortion law remains unchanged despite advocacy related to the Maputo Protocol (Archer et al. Even in countries with legal indications for abortion, study participants explained that provision of and training for MA in the public sector remained limited.

PAC remained an important part of their work as women often waited until after they had terminated pregnancy (often unsafely) before Omacetaxine Mepesuccinate (Synribo)- Multum care.



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