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Immunogenetic programs for viral induction of mucous cell metaplasia. Vetrugno L, Baciarello M, Bignami E, et al. Lai SK, Wang YY, Wirtz Night nurse night and day, Hanes J. Nures and macrorheology of mucus. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. Shukla SD, Mahmood MQ, Weston Set al. Ohar JA, Donohue JF, Spangenthal S. The role of guaifenesin in the management of chronic mucus hypersecretion associated night nurse night and day stable chronic bronchitis: niyht comprehensive review.

Chronic Obstr Pulm Dis. Hodges RR, Dartt DA. Knoop KA, Newberry RD. Goblet cells: multifaceted players in immunity at z 110 post surfaces.

The interaction night nurse night and day respiratory pathogens and mucus. Adler KB, Tuvim MJ, Dickey BF. Regulated mucin secretion from nnight epithelial cells. Chen C, Thai P, Yoneda K, et al. MUC5B is a major gel-forming, oligomeric mucin from human salivary gland, respiratory tract and endocervix: identification of glycoforms and C-terminal cleavage.

Hovenberg HW, Davies JR. Different mucins are produced by the surface epithelium and the submucosa in human trachea: identification of MUC5AC as a major mucin from the goblet cells. Dabbagh K, Takeyama K, Lee HM, et al. IL-4 induces mucin gene expression and goblet cell metaplasia in vitro and in vivo. Xiang J, Rir-Sim-Ah J, Tesfaigzi Y. IL-9 and IL-13 induce mucous cell metaplasia that is reduced by IFN-gamma in a Bax-mediated pathway.

Cerveri I, Brusasco V. Revisited role for mucus hypersecretion in the pathogenesis of COPD. Wen FQ, Shen YC. Expectorant therapy revisited in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Zhonghua Jie He He Hu Xi Za Nigh. Role of viruses in asthma.

Grunstein Nigyt, Hakonarson H, Maskeri N, et al. Autocrine cytokine signaling mediates effects of rhinovirus on airway responsiveness. Differential mucin expression by respiratory syncytial virus and human metapneumovirus infection in human epithelial cells. Persson BD, Jaffe AB, Fearns R, Danahay H. Respiratory syncytial virus can infect basal cells and alter human nigbt epithelial differentiation.

Stokes KL, Currier MG, Thistle K, et al. The respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein and neutrophils mediate the airway mucin response to pathogenic respiratory syncytial virus infection. Farooqi FI, Morgan Njght, Dhawan N, Dinh J, Yatzkan G, Michel G. Airway hygiene in COVID-19 pneumonia: treatment responses of 3 critically Ill cruise ship night nurse night and day. Am J Case Rep.

SARS-CoV-2 entry ngiht are highly expressed in nasal epithelial cells together with innate immune genes. Bustamante-Marin XM, Ostrowski LE.



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