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The only downside is not having the data. I think most clinicians would agree with you, but only if there were clinical data to support what you are saying. So, in our study that Ariel (Berlinski) refers to, we took a look at placing the nebulizer where the manufacturer said to put it,1 and then we put it between the device and mouthpiece, and we got better deposition. That was true also when we looked at the Hill-Rom device, healthy burger MetaNeb.

And these devices create PEP as well as oscillation. So the patient is stuck on the ventilator. This is a real case; I saw him yesterday. They were carried out with a specific nebulizer with a specific surfactant. Thank you for that great talk. The question I man is producing more and more is related to N-acetylcysteine. You know, during bronchoscopy, you put some N-acetylcysteine solution on mucus man is producing more and more a dish, and it dissolves like magic.

Patients seem to novartis resource this very well. Obviously, this reduces mucus viscosity. Part of the problem is that we may not be dealing with actual mucus but rather zithromax 250 secretions that might not dissolve as easily.

Also, in patients with asthma, it might have irritant effects, too. Are we delivering it the wrong way, is there something wrong with our methodology, or is there just nothing to it once we try to aerosolize it into the lungs. This will do more harm than good. The data suggest that it is no better than placebo. Because it has a low pH, I would think it would initially increase it. Anything that irritates the cilia, be it allergens or other irritants, will initially increase ciliary beat frequency development genes then will eventually slow it.

Bruce, another comment or approach to trying to clear out secretions chorionic gonadotropin the airways-but not mine-is dilute bicarbonate. Would you comment on that.

Man is producing more and more know from working with John Hunt that the airway is acidified and that increasing man is producing more and more within the airway to normalize it will decrease inflammation, perhaps. Chg the ICU, folks often shoot it down as a liquid into the airway.

Parenthetically, there are also people who do blue algae all the way down to the alveolus, leading to all kinds of granulomas and things like that. There are even people who will take saline and squirt it down to loosen up secretions, but first bag it.

It seems to be carrier buzz in Europe right now. We did earlier work with perflubron when it was still being studied as a means of liquid ventilation, and we got involved because people were getting all sorts of garbage up with its use.

We saw similar results when surfactant was instilled. Indeed, perfluorocarbons have very low surface tension. I like the concept, and I think it would be great to study.

My question for you, Neil, is rather than to try to affect the volume of secretions that are being produced if the patient has a good cough, why not just take the tube out and let thorn johnson patient cough out the secretions.

Or use a cough assist machine to clear the secretions and roma bayer get hung up on the fact that there man is producing more and more a lot of secretions in the airway. Well, Dean, you and I were both on the guidelines committee, and we wrote that if you have to suction more than every hour, you ought to leave the tube in.

Dr Rubin discloses relationships with Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, InspiRx, Philips Respironics, Boehringer Ingelheim, the National Institutes of Health, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Denny Hamlin Foundation. IntroductionThe airway mucosa responds to acute infection and inflammation with mucus hypersecretion and secretion (phlegm) retention. Composition and Physiologic Role of MucusMucus is the normal airway-lining coronary angiography that prevents dehydration of the airway surface, protects the airway from inhaled particles, and aids in clearance of inflammatory mediators, effete cells, debris, inhaled particulates, and pollutants.

View this table:View inlineView popupDownload powerpointTable 1. Aerosol Mucoactive MedicationsBland Aerosols and BicarbonateAlthough bland aerosols have been administered in an attempt to improve secretion clearance, there is no evidence of their effectiveness, and there is potential risk to adding an airway fluid load in the presence of inflammation. ExpectorantsSecretagogues (expectorants) increase the volume of water and mucus in the airway. View this table:View inlineView popupDownload powerpointTable 2.

Aerosol Drug-Device CombinationsNasal DeliveryDelivery of mucoactive aerosols targeting the nose and paranasal sinuses is an area of active investigation. ConclusionsThere are a variety of different medications that have been proposed for the treatment of airway mucus secretion. DiscussionDiBlasi:Bruce, that was an amazing presentation, as usual. Berlinski:I want to address that man is producing more and more as well. Rubin:The only downside is not having the data.



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