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Relatedly, evidence of the cognitive penetrability of perception has given rise to worries about the justification of perceptual beliefs (Siegel, 2012; Stokes, 2012). In ethics, evidence of this sort has been used to cast doubt on ethical intuitionism as an account of moral epistemology (Cowan, 2014). It has also been used demarcate the boundary between semantics and pragmatics, and to defend a notably austere version of semantic minimalism (Borg, 2004).

Though the success of these deployments of modularity theory is subject defect septal ventricular dispute (e. What is a mental module.

Modularity, Fodor-style: A modest proposal 2. Challenges to low-level modularity 2. The case for massive modularity 3. Doubts about massive modularity 4. Modularity and philosophy Bibliography Academic Tools Other Internet Resources Related Entries 1. What it does when it does its thing is, journal of teaching english for specific and academic purposes infers from certain acoustic properties of a token to a characterization of certain of the distal causes of the token (e.

Premises of this inference can include whatever information about the acoustics of the token the mechanisms of sensory transduction provide, whatever information about the linguistic types in L the internally represented grammar provides, and nothing else. Neural reuse: A fundamental organizational principle of the brain. After phrenology: Neural reuse and the interactive brain, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Rabbit-pots and supernovas: On the relevance of psychological data to linguistic theory. Modularity and interaction of brain regions underlying visuomotor coordination. Innateness is canalization: In defense of a developmental account of innateness. See what you want to see: Motivational influences on visual perception. Wishful seeing: More desired objects are seen as closer. The unbearable automaticity of being. Enzymatic computation and cognitive modularity. Modularity in cognition: Framing the debate.

Minimal Semantics, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Value and need as organizing factors in perception. Adapting Minds, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Evolutionary psychology, meet developmental neurobiology: Against promiscuous modularity. The Architecture of the Mind, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Perceptual plasticity and theoretical neutrality: A reply to Jerry Fodor.

Cognitive adaptations for social exchange. Cognitive penetrability and ethical perception. Nativism Reconsidered, Oxford: Oxford University Press. How to think about the modularity of mind-reading.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 39. The Modularity of Mind, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Journal of teaching english for specific and academic purposes Explaining the enigma, 2nd edition, Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Expertise throat itchy allergies cars and birds recruits brain areas involved in journal of teaching english for specific and academic purposes recognition.

Memory modulates color appearance. Modularity and development: The case of spatial reorientation. Can race be erased. Coalitional computation and social categorization.

Distortions in the perceived lightness of faces: The role of race categories. Cognitive penetrability: A no-progress report. Hearing lips and seeing voices. How the Mind Works, New York: W. Is the mind really modular. Computation and Cognition, Cambridge, MA: MIT Journal of teaching english for specific and academic purposes. Is vision continuous with cognition. The case for cognitive penetrability of vision. Genes, brain, and cognition: A roadmap for the cognitive scientist.

Modularity and mental architecture. Basic objects in natural categories. Massively modular minds: Evolutionary psychology and cognitive architecture. The complexity of cognition: Tractability arguments for massive modularity.

The modularity of theory of mind.



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