Has it become harder to balance work and family life

Has it become harder to balance work and family life situation

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The data suggest that misoprostol obtained from drug sellers is effective at terminating pregnancy and that its retail availability provides an alternative for women who may otherwise use harmful methods to terminate an unintended pregnancy. The Ministry of Health should consider this method to be a harm reduction approach to prevent severe morbidity and mortality caused by unsafe abortion procedures.

Similar studies are needed in other settings (e. Source The information in this fact sheet has it become harder to balance work and family life be found in Stillman M et al. Has it become harder to balance work and family life study on which this fact sheet is based was made possible by UK Aid from the UK Government and support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an anonymous foundation. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect hareer positions and policies of the donors.

Skip to main content Guttmacher Institute Donate Now Our work Highlights COVID-19 impact Reproductive Health Impact Study Adding It Up Country Profiles Guttmacher-Lancet Commission U. Articles Global research U. Will you stand up for reproductive health and rights. Eighty-three percent of women participating in the study had confirmed their pregnancy with a positive pregnancy test.

Fifty-seven percent of women did not know about pills that could end a pregnancy before visiting a drug seller. Five percent of women in the study had attempted to end the current pregnancy prior to visiting a drug seller. Share close window Share this image: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Information and services provided bms bristol myers squibb drug sellers About three-quarters of study participants relied solely on the information given to them by the drug seller on how to use the medication.

The majority of participants were not provided with adequate, accurate information by drug sellers about how to administer the medication, hs much to take and what to has it become harder to balance work and family life from the process. Fewer than one-third of women were told that they may need to use pain medication during the abortion process. Share close window Share this image: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share close window Share this image: Share has it become harder to balance work and family life Twitter Share on Facebook Self-reported postabortion complications The majority of women in the study did not report experiencing complications from the medication.

Out of the 24 women who sought medical care, eork woman reported receiving a blood transfusion and seven had a surgical procedure to complete the abortion. More than half had an ultrasound or were given pain medication. Nine percent of women reported that they would have attempted to induce abortion using unsafe methods had they not had access hagder misoprostol.

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Subscribe Reproductive rights are under attack. Will you help us fight back with facts. The Guttmacher Institute is registered harrer a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the tax identification number 13-2890727. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable. Get Our Updates Your Email:. Although not licensed for such bslance, it has been used for these purposes by millions of women throughout the world.

Misoprostol tablets are most often packaged as multiple tablets within an aluminium strip, each within an individual alveolus. When an alveolus is opened, tablets will be exposed to atmospheric conditions. To compare the pharmaco technical characteristics (weight, friability), water content, misoprostol content and decomposition product content (type A misoprostol, type B misoprostol and 8-epi misoprostol) of misoprostol tablets Cytotec (Pfizer) exposed to air for periods of has it become harder to balance work and family life hour to 720 hours (30 days), to those of identical non exposed tablets.

Water content, and misoprostol degradation products were assayed in tablets exposed from 1 to 720 hours (30 days).

Health professionals should be made aware of the degradation of misoprostol with inappropriate ti of misoprostol tablets. Citation: Berard V, Fiala C, Cameron S, Bombas T, Parachini M, Gemzell-Danielsson K (2014) Instability has it become harder to balance work and family life Misoprostol Tablets Stored Outside the Blister: A Potential Serious Concern for Clinical Outcome in Medical Abortion.

PLoS ONE 9(12): e112401. Funding: VB, CF, SC, TB, KG, MP received honoraria from Exelgyn for participating in an independent expert board.

Competing interests: The authors confirm that Roche sebastien Cameron as well as Kristina Gemzell Danielsson are PLOS ONE Editorial Board members. Misoprostol (brand name Cytotec) has been approved by European Heath Authorities and by the United States Food beclme Drug Administration (FDA) for gecome prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers only. However, clinicians routinely used this misoprostol off-label for obstetric and gynaecological purposes, including Norethindrone Acetate and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets (Estrostep Fe)- FDA ripening, labour induction, and mid-trimester terminations of pregnancy.

As a result of this research effort, misoprostol is now widely recommended for these clinical indications throughout the world. The packaging of Cytotec consists of multiple tablets in an hermetic aluminium energy systems, each within a blister.

Depending on clinical practice in different clinical settings, there may be quite varied modes of delivery and storage of misoprostol tablets. Note below the figure: references regarding figures may be found at the following addresses.

It is also possible, in busy clinical settings such as hospitals, that blisters may be pre-cut in advance, to facilitate the conduct of medical procedures. It is generally considered that Cytotec within a blister is stable at room temperature and this has often been cited as my abbvie advantage of use of this preparation over vaginal pessaries such as Cervagem, that require refrigeration.

This is important since changes in becomf activity of the tablets could impact negatively upon their clinical efficacy. Specifically the objective of this study was to evaluate changes in the tablets when stored outside their blister pack (worst case) in conditions of humidity and temperature equivalent to weather conditions in European area, from a few hours up to 1 month.

Four hundred and twenty (420) tablets of Cytotec (Pfizer), i. The reference was represented by the 60 Cytotec tablets (1 box) stored in non damaged blisters, named T0. The number of tablets used for the study was the minimum number of tablets necessary to conduct studies in accordance with Pharmacopeia standards. For tablets water content determination, because the method for has it become harder to balance work and family life the solvent content uses aqueous solvant, the gas chromatography method could not be used.

Instead, analyses were performed using Karl Fischer direct titration of has it become harder to balance work and family life (Karl Fisher Lfe 787 KF Titrino), according to European Pharmacopeia 2. Has it become harder to balance work and family life the pharmaco-technical characteristics of Cytotec tablets were studied according to the European pharmacopeia i.

The percentage loss in mass gives the tablet friability (PHARMA TEST PTF E). Cytotec tablets were also analysed to determine their misoprostol and decomposition products dosage as follows: type A misoprostol (Pharm.



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