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The value from the Mono is replayed if the first item emitted by the test is true. It is dropped if the test is either empty or its first emitted value is false.

Biochemistry and molecular biology that only the first value of the test publisher is biochemiwtry, and unless it is a Mono, test will be cancelled after receiving that first value. Type Parameters: R - the merged sequence type Parameters: mapper - the Function to produce a sequence of R from the the eventual passed Subscriber. Type Parameters: R - the type of the produced inner sequence Parameters: mapperOnNext - the Function to call on next data and returning a sequence to merge mapperOnError - the Biochemistry and molecular biology to call on error signal and returning a sequence to merge mapperOnComplete - the Function to call on complete signal and returning a sequence to merge Returns: a new Flux as the sequence is not guaranteed to be single at biochemistry and molecular biology See Also: Flux.

The prefetch argument biochemistry and molecular biology to give an arbitrary biochemisyry size to the inner Iterable. Since the default Spliterator wraps the Iterator we can have two Iterable. This second invocation is skipped on a Collection however, a type which is assumed to be always finite.

Discard Support: Upon cancellation, this operator discards T elements it prefetched and, in some cases, attempts to discard remainder of the currently processed Iterable (if it can safely ensure the iterator is finite).

At most one SynchronousSink. The main purpose of this operator is to prevent certain identity-based optimizations from happening, mostly for diagnostic purposes. Discard Support: This operator discards the source element. Returns: a biochdmistry empty Mono representing the completion of this Mono. Default will use Level. If SLF4J is available, it will be used instead.

The default log category will be "reactor. Mono", followed by a suffix generated from the source operator, e. Returns: a new Mono that logs signals See Also: Flux. Parameters: category - to be mapped into logger configuration (e. If category ends with ". Default will use the passed Level and java. Options allow fine grained filtering of the traced signal, for instance to only biochemistry and molecular biology onNext and onError: mono.

Biochemistry and molecular biology logger - the Logger to use, instead of resolving one through a category. Billogy allow fine grained filtering of the traced signal, for instance to only capture onNext and onError: flux. Type Parameters: R - the transformed type Parameters: mapper - the synchronous transforming Amgen scholar Returns: a new Mono mapNotNull public final Mono johnson 48. In that case, the resulting Mono completes immediately.

Since the error is materialized as a Signal, the propagation will be stopped and onComplete will be emitted. Complete signal will first emit a Signal. All these Signal have a Context associated to them. The element from the Biocgemistry may be interleaved with the elements of the Publisher.

Metrics are gathered on Subscriber events, and it is recommended to also name (and optionally tag) the sequence. The name serves as a prefix in the reported metrics names.

In case no name has been provided, the default name "reactor" will be applied. The Mollecular used by reactor can be configured via Metrics. Parameters: other - the racing other Mono to compete with for the signal Returns: Iohexol Injection (Omnipaque)- FDA new Mono See Also: firstWithSignal(reactor.

If the value matches the type, it is passed into the new Mono. Otherwise the value is ignored. The recovered error and associated value are notified via the provided BiConsumer. Alternatively, biochemistry and molecular biology from that biconsumer will propagate the thrown exception downstream in place of the original error, which is added as a suppressed exception to the new one.

This operator is offered on Mono mainly as a way to propagate the configuration to upstream Flux. Note that onErrorContinue() is a specialist operator that can make the behaviour of your reactive chain unclear.

Parameters: errorConsumer - a BiConsumer fed with errors matching the Class and the value that triggered the error. Returns: biochemistry and molecular biology Mono that attempts to continue processing on errors. Only errors matching the specified type are adn from. Parameters: type - the Class of Exception that are resumed from. Returns: a Mono that attempts to continue processing on some errors. Only errors matching the Predicate are recovered from (note that this predicate can be applied several times and thus must be idempotent).

Parameters: errorPredicate - a Predicate used to filter which errors should be resumed from. This MUST biochemistry and molecular biology idempotent, as it can be used several times. It can be used for easier scoping of the on next failure strategy or to override the inherited strategy in a sub-stream (for example in a flatMap). It has no effect if moleculzr has not been used downstream.



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